Pictures: See what happened to the landmarks of Doha

Pictures: See what happened to the landmarks of Dohaر


In Doha, several landmarks were lit with the Lebanese flag, in solidarity with Beirut, following the bloody explosion that rocked its seaport and left dozens of dead and thousands wounded.

Dozens of Qatari and Lebanese activists circulated pictures of Doha’s landmarks, adorning the Lebanese flag, affirming their solidarity with the Lebanese people, and their welcome to the State of Qatar to provide assistance to the brotherly Lebanese people in this ordeal to which Beirut is exposed. To follow the example of Qatar and provide the necessary assistance to the Lebanese in this cruel ordeal that they are subjected to, which doubled their previous suffering, which extended for years, and for which the Lebanese street revolted, hoping for a reform that has yet to come, and dozens of condolences and sympathy for the brotherly Lebanese people.