Police chase a citizen to gift him a car!

Police chase a citizen to gift him a car!

Dubai Police in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has handed over a new car to an Arab resident after winning the White Dots system award for honoring drivers who comply with traffic laws.

Dubai police posted on their social media accounts video footage of the moment carrying the gift car and delivering it to the winner Zaid al-Zubaidi.

According to the newspaper “Al Bayan” UAE, the Assistant Commander-in-Chief of Operations in Dubai Police Major General Mohammed Saif Zaffin, the car to the home of Zubaidi in the Al Barsha area in Dubai, in the presence of a number of officers.

Al-Zafeen blessed Al-Zubaidi by winning the car and praised his keenness to abide by the traffic laws.

“The White Points Traffic System aims to honor and motivate distinguished drivers who are committed to traffic laws and regulations, to drive safely, to avoid the mistakes of others, and to create a safe traffic environment with a high level of security on the road from all its users,” he said.

Al-Zubaidi expressed his happiness for winning the car within the system of “white points”, stressing his keenness to abide by the rules of traffic and traffic since receiving the driver’s license, where he has not committed a violation for years.

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