Predictions of weather in Qatar

Predictions of weather in Qatar

Some parts of the country are expected to receive rainfall and a gradual drop in temperature.

Apparently summer in Qatar came to an end on Thursday according to local media reports.

“Thursday was the last day of summer. Now we have entered autumn leading to some natural weather change,” Abdullah Mohammed Al Mannai, Acting Director of the Department of Meteorology, Civil Aviation Authority, told The Peninsula.

However, Al Mannai said the temperature drop will only be evident during evenings for now and days will continue to be hot. Qatar will also continue to experience higher humidity levels, which will help with cloud formation.

Qatar had experienced an interesting phenomenon yesterday called the autumnal equinox local, where the length of day and night will be approximately equal. The phenomenon occured at 11.02pm, according to a statement issued by QCH director Dr Mohamed al-Ansari.

Yesterday (Friday) was 12 hours and 8 minutes long while the duration of the night was 11 hours and 52 minutes.

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