Prostitute steal a huge amount of money from a tourist

Prostitute steal a huge amount of money from a tourist 

The visitor managed to catch one of the women
A 26-year-old woman has gone on trial in Dubai’s Court of First Instance on the charge of robbing a man of $4,800 (Dh17,631) during a physical assault that took place on October 1 in Dubai.

Prosecutors accused the Nigerian woman – visiting Dubai – of robbing the Sudanese victim, along with other women, who are at large.

“I was in a night club around midnight and was looking to hire a prostitute. I took a number from my Sudanese friend and went to her flat in Business Bay in a cab, after she gave it to me on the phone. We agreed that I would pay her Dh2,000 for sex,” said the 29-year-old complainant, in Dubai on a visit visa.

Soon after he entered the flat, he was surprised when four African women grabbed him and forcibly took $4,800 from him.

They fled the place after robbing him.

“I chased them with the security guard and managed to catch one of them.”

A police corporal said by the time they reached the building – where the incident took place – they found the complainant with the apprehended woman.

“He told us she and other women, on the loose, robbed him of $4,800 after he had gone to their flat to meet a prostitute”.

The court will issue a ruling on December 13.

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