The Purple Island: A place to be visited in Qatar

It’s a green Island that is located in a country that has less that 71mm of raein during a year. Nice forests are found on it, which provide to visitors calmness and relaxation.



Welcome to the Purple Island!



Located near Al Khor, and far away from Doha city by about 40 minutes.



When you park your car, you be able to realize a pathway that will let you reach the island.



The environment found on this island is great and very healthy to you and your family. You will be able to see fish and crabs and various types of plants and flowers, and even collect stones.



If you got tired while walking around the island, you can take a rest on the rock for few minutes.



In some places probably you should pass in water from one side to another, this would be something funny. You can step on rocks that are found in water or step in it directly because it’s no deep.



You will be able to jump, climb, breath clean air, and discover new things. There also you could do a picnic with your family far away from the city and noise.



Keep in mind to take your food and drink, because there are no shops found there. Don’t throw any type of bottles, especially those glassy, in aim of preventing any type of fires. Wear a good type of shoes that would help you to move in the island. In certain locations in the island, it better to carry your children because it may be hard for them to move in such locations. Use 4×4 or car that is really prepared in order to reach such geographical places.



The Purple Island is really an island to be visited.

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