Qatar: 11 persons jailed

Qatar: 11 persons jailed


The Criminal Court punished 11 defendants who stole 30 tons of electrical cables from a prison company, which ranged between one year and 3, 5 and 7 years for the charges they were charged with and punished the eighth with imprisonment and deportation.

According to the blogs of the case, 11 accused were united by their will and determined to steal electrical cables at night and by coercion from a company.

The defendants loaded the cables in the cars and handed them over to the rest of the accused for sale and disposal, which weighs more than 30 tons, then one of them received an amount of 85,000 riyals worth of the cables.

According to the verdicts of the verdict, the defendants stole the cables at night by coercion, and assaulted the physical safety of the site guards, and by this means they were able to rob the company, steal it, and possess huge amounts of it.

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