Qatar: These 3 public parks will be open to residents soon

If you love public parks, then you should know the Public Parks Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, mentioned that 3 public parks, family-friends, will opened across the country.

The three parks will be located in two municipalities: one in Doha Municipality and two in Al Khor and Al Dakhira Municipality.

The three new public parks are designed for families and will be equipped with all required facilities including entertainment, sports facilities and play areas for children.

It is understood that free wi-fi spots will also be open across the three parks.

The Al Ghuwairiya park, in Al Khor and Al Dakhira Municipality, is spread over an area of 9,234sqm and will have an air-conditioned room for children aged two to five years.

The Al Kaaban park, the other park being opened in the same municipality, is spread over 10,693sqm. It has sunshades and rubberised flooring instead of sand in playgrounds.

The park in Doha Municipality will be equipped with solar power poles.

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