Qatar: 500 goods at low prices during Ramadan 2020

Qatar: 500 goods at low prices during Ramadan 2020

His Excellency Sheikh Jassim Bin Jabr Bin Hassan Al Thani, Assistant Undersecretary for Consumer Affairs at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, revealed the intention of the ministry to launch a number of initiatives during the holy month of Ramadan, noting that preparations began early to ensure the availability of food and consumer items as well as the implementation of control plans on the markets.


His Excellency said in an interview with Al Rayyan channel through the application of “Skype”, that the ministry has prepared a prior plan to launch initiatives that include a discounted list of goods and food and consumer goods as a joint initiative between suppliers and major selling outlets, indicating that about 500 commodities will be offered at reduced prices.


His Excellency also pointed out that special initiatives will be launched to reduce the prices of meat. As for vegetables, fruits and fish, he said that there are bulletins that control their prices.



His Excellency affirmed in his speech that preparations for the holy month of the ministry started early in terms of providing food and consumer goods and commodities, and implementing plans to control the markets in a manner that ensures compliance with all laws and decisions.



He added: Meetings were held with all suppliers to ensure the readiness of markets and the availability of materials and goods, and that the state’s stock is in its normal condition.



His Excellency clarified that he has continuous monitoring and inspection plans to ensure compliance with the insolvency, quality and validity of the materials, as well as the commitment of everyone to the laws and decisions that have been issued.