Qatar: A huge drop in prices

Qatar: A huge drop in prices 

Costs of locally produced vegetables have seen an extensive drop at the Doha Central Market if compared to the previous years.

In the past two years, farmers and farm owners expanded their work to produce more vegetables of high quality.

While the costs of vegetables at the Doha Central Market see occasional varieties, buyers, for the most part, discover them sensible and especially useful for this time. For example, a crate of tomatoes weighing around 5kg was estimated somewhere in the range of QR15 and QR20, while a 8kg box of eggplants cost QR20. So also, a 6kg box of cabbages cost QR5-7, 5kg zucchini QR15, and 5kg white onions QR15. The cost of a case of cauliflowers, gauging some 7kg, was QR15.

Concerning watermelons, the costs drifted around QR10 a piece for the Iranian and Omani assortments, while sweet melon was sold for QR15 for the crate of 5-6 pieces.


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