Qatar Airways: high-speed ‘Super Wi-Fi’ on board

Qatar Airways: high-speed ‘Super Wi-Fi’ on board 

Qatar Airways passengers has started rolling out high-speed ‘Super Wi-Fi’ broadband connectivity, thanks to Inmarsat’s GX Aviation technology.

The broadband service is being progressively rolled out on all Boeing 777 aircraft and Airbus A350 aircraft in Qatar Airways’ young fleet. It thus became the first airline in the MENA region to have invested in the technology to provide the service for passengers, reported Gulf Times.
The progressive fit-out will equip its Boeing 777 and Airbus A350 aircrafts with the new technology. Passengers on flights fitted with GX Aviation can receive one hour free access to the ‘Super Wi-Fi,’ reported The Peninsula.

In case more time is needed, passengers can purchase full-flight access to the service by selecting from a wide range of affordable options.

“In another first for the MENA region, Qatar Airways passengers can now enjoy high-speed broadband connectivity, providing rich content without restriction, whether using the internet for work or relaxation during their journey.

Business travellers in particular will be able to maximise their ‘office in the sky’ with seamless continuity,” Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker was quoted as saying by Qatar Tribune.

As one of the world’s leading developers of tracking systems, Inmarsat use a network of satellites to detect signals transmitted from aircraft and relay this information reporting speed, location and direction, to ground-based receivers.

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