Qatar Airways launches Q-suite its flight

Qatar Airways launches Q-suite its flight

Qatar Airways launchesĀ Q-suite on the luxury business class on the Doha-Auckland, New Zealand route.

Q-suite, which has many features on the Boeing 777.200, flies on the Doha-Auckland route, which is the second longest in the world.

The launch of Qatar Airways ‘services to Auckland is a new addition to Qatar Airways’ record of success and a new addition to the expansion of its global route network, which offers more travel options for many destinations for tourism or business such as Europe and the Middle East.

Qatar Airways offers Q-Suites, a business class that offers first-class double beds in the Business Class cabin, as well as privacy separators that can be moved to enable passengers in adjacent seats to form their own room.

In addition, mobile screens provide the opportunity for business colleagues, friends and families who book the four seats in the middle to turn their business class space into a private suite that enables them to work, communicate and eat together.

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