Qatar Airways will offer beauty bags for passengers

Qatar Airways will offer beauty bags for passengers

Qatar Airways has recently announced a collaboration with luxury beauty and fashion brands Bric and Nappa Dori for the rollout of limited-edition amenity kits for first and business class flyers.

Each passenger bag will contain exclusive products from Italian brand Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio with a lip balm, hydrating facial mist, and anti-aging moisturizer in Business Class, and an additional Night Recovery Cream in First Class kits.

Separate bags will be handed out to male and female passengers, with the latter also including a latch-on cross-body belt. The kits (complete with socks, eyeshades, and earplugs) will further be presented in a range of new colors from yellow and navy blue to blush and tan.

On similar lines, those traveling on medium haul flights will receive exclusive goods by Nappa Dori in kits featuring a new series of destination pictures (including Thailand, the Netherlands, China, and Doha) printed on them.

Inside the bags, travelers can find a stock of other images as well as socks, eyeshades and a lip balm from Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio. Now is certainly a good time to fly Qatar!

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