Qatar: Civil Defense took an important decision

Qatar: Civil Defense took an important decision 

The General Directorate of Civil Defence has decided to increase the number of stations to 33 from the current 20.

“Fire incidents in Qatar are decreasing as we have more civil defence stations across the country. We are increasing our stations in sync with the rise in population,” Major Jaber al Marri, head of media and prevention education section at the General Directorate of Civil Defence, told in an interview.

“We are opening 2-3 stations every year in highly-populated areas. Spreading of stations around the country will help firefighters and rescuers reach the accident spot quickly. It now takes a maximum of five minutes to arrive at any incident location thanks to our well-distributed stations in the country,” he said.

Marri informed that the number of fire accidents have reduced considerably because of MoI’s intensive efforts to ensure safety and security of people around the country.

“We can reduce the losses and take immediate action to save lives and property in case of a fire,” he said.

“We conduct frequent training sessions in labour camps to teach them how to react in case of a fire or any other incidents. We also conduct mock evacuations to make sure they do it properly and safely in coordination with real estate companies such as Barwa and Ezdan,” he said.

“We oblige labour camp owners to appoint well-trained personnel who are accredited by safety and security companies to be at the camp all the time.”

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