Qatar: Coronavirus cases will continue to increase

Qatar: Coronavirus cases will continue to increase

Dr Al Khal we are still in the peak of the epidemic of COVID 19 in Qatar and the cases will continue to increase before they eventually drop.

The number of cases among Qataris and expatriates outside the workers’ categories has also increased as some still don’t abide by the precautionary preventive measures and continued to have family gatherings such as group iftar and don’t limit their movement.

Ehtraz app will play a positive role in the upcoming period to further contain the disease and curb its spread, it is very important for the protection of all members of the society.

Wearing facemask and limiting the practice of sports to the area around the accommodation will also help in further limiting the spread of infection.

It is hard to predict the peak of the infection in the coming period as it is governed by the people’s commitment to follow the precautionary & preventive measures.

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