Qatar crisis: what will happen to this sector?

Qatar crisis: what will happen to this sector?

Qatar’s energy industry has shown strong resilience, adaptability, and determination to mitigate the impact of the blockade on the country’s businesses, the Minister of Energy and Industry Dr Mohamed bin Saleh Al Sada said.

“This has not weakened our businesses, but rather enhanced their innovative capabilities,” said Al Sada, speaking during theEnergy and Industry Sector’s 18th Annual Qatarisation Review meeting, according to Gulf Times.

He called on companies to be more innovative in their efforts to attract, develop and benefit from experienced Qataris who enjoy qualification and technical training, reported The Peninsula.

Al Sada praised the efforts to promote the competitiveness of companies in global markets. At the end of the meeting, Al Sada and Qatar Petroleum President and CEO Eng Saad bin Sherida Al Kaabi honoured the winners of the 10th Qatarisation awards, reported Qatar Tribune.

Recipients of the prestigious Qatarisation Crystal Awards were Qatar Petrochemical Company (Qapco) for ‘Support and Liaison with the Education Sector,’ Occidental Petroleum Qatar for ‘Supporting Qatarisation,’ Qatar Gas Transport Company for ‘Support for training and development,’ and Qatar Chemical Company for ‘Best Qatarisation progress.’

Annual Qatarisation certificates were also presented to Qatar Steel Company for ‘Support and liaison with the education sector,’ Qatar Shell GTL for ‘Supporting Qatarisation’ and Qatar Fertiliser Company for ‘Support for training and development.’

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