Qatar: Dusty conditions as well as a cold spell

Qatar is expected to experience southerly winds that may cause a rise in temperature to be followed by northwesterly wind that can bring in dusty conditions as well as a cold spell, Qatar Meteorology Department (QMD) has said.
“Southerly wind affects the country next Saturday, causing a noticeable rise in temperature with maximums exceeding 30°C in some areas,” the QMD said.
However, northwesterly fresh to strong wind is expected to return starting from Sunday, reaching peak from Monday until Wednesday in association with a deepening high pressure system over the region.


The wind speed is expected to range between 15 to 25 kt inshore gusting to 35 kt causing dusty conditions at times with poor visibility below 2 km in some areas.

Wind gusts offshore are expected to reach more than 40 kt causing high waves exceeding 10 Ft. The northerly wind will be accompanied with a cold spell with maximum temperatures ranging between 14 to 18 °C and minimums between 9 to 14°C reaching below 9 °C in southern areas of the country.

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