Qatar: where to eat for less than QR 15?!!

Qatar: where to eat for less than QR 15?!!

Barbecue chicken at Al Manara

Believe it or not, they serve half a chicken here for an unbelievably low price – and it’s fantastic. The chefs generously spice it (borderline Indian-style) and grill it perfectly. It’s moderately spicy (just how we like it) and comes with loads of garlic sauce. We’re not kidding, this half chicken is going to be your weeknight best friend.
QR13. Fereej Bin Mahmoud (4411 1456).

Bombay grilled veg sandwich at Zaffran Café 
If you haven’t heard of a typical veg grilled sandwich from the streets of Mumbai, you are missing out on the ultimate comfort food. Also, this is your chance to try out oodles of cheese and chutney in buttery bread, all grilled. Zaffran has some excellent street food and lots of Indian classics, but the veg sandwich is as satisfying as it is delicious.
QR15. Al Muntazah (4477 4412).

Cheese pimiento bakes at Figaro Coffee
Figaro is one of our new favourite coffee shops to hang out at. It’s never too crowded, the Wi-Fi is good, the drinks are all reasonably priced and the service is efficient. These little bites come in four different varieties and obviously our favourite is the cheese pimiento one. There are four portions and they make a cracking meal along with coffee or tea.
QR12. Figaro Coffee (4462 0878).

Chicken momos at Nepali Kitchen
Hands down the best chicken momos in Doha are here. Not just because the dumplings are immaculately steamed with the most delicious filling of mince, onions and spices, but also because they come alongside the best spicy dipping sauce ever. This sauce gives us life, and these momos are everything. Okay, we have to take an urgent break now to eat some.
QR14. Musheireb (7758 4376).

Chick Fantasia at Tea Time
This might be the worst name ever for a sandwich but inappropriately suggestive title aside, this fantasia is fantastic. It’s a loaded sandwich, and a massive one at that, filled with chicken, sauces, relish and a bunch of other delicious ingredients. It’s cheap and we assure you it’s more than sufficient for one very hungry person.
QR15. All outlets.

Chilli chicken roll at Neelima
This isn’t the kind of place you’d want to dine-in at, but its chilli chicken paratha is the best idea ever. It’s spicy, delicious and the most affordable takeaway you’re going to come across. You’re going to have to be patient with the parking situation, so just know what you want to order before you get there. Neelima rustles up a few good curries, but the chilli chicken paratha is the winner by a landslide. Pro tip: order two.
QR5. Fereej Bin Mahmoud (4427 3999).

Kashkawan at Jabal Lebnan
One is good enough, two are really filling. This flatbread with yummy kashkawan cheese and muhamara is slightly spicy and very comforting. They serve it piping hot, so be careful and don’t bite into it too quickly. Let the cheese settle, and then dig in to this weekday spirit-lifting meal.
QR6. Al Nasr (4442 1704).

Kebabs at Khosh kebab
This restaurant is too tiny to dine in, and the parking outside is really tight, but trust us, its meat skewers are completely worth all the effort. On the menu you’ll find chicken, beef and mutton varieties and each skewer ranges between QR4-6. If you’re ready to get your hands dirty, do not leave without trying the lamb chops. We recommend eating them in the car, while they’re hot and juicy. Just make sure you don’t ruin your lovely upholstery.
QR4 (starting, per skewer). Al Ghanim (4423 3213).

Koshari at Petra
This Egyptian speciality with rice, pasta, lentils and tomato sauce is available at all Petra outlets and you can even decide how spicy you want it. The chefs make it fresh and the small plate is a perfectly filling meal for one. Honestly, this is one of our favourite budget meals around town.
QR8. All outlets.

Lamb kebab paratha at Baba Chapatea
We’ve declared our love for this 24-hour spot several times across the last few issues of Time Out Doha. Although the service has dipped the last few times we’ve visited, the parathas are still incredibly good. The cheese and chips paratha is a staple, but we recently have started to get increasingly attached to the lamb kebab with mint chutney. Try it.
QR8. All outlets.

Masala Dosa at Aryaas
Nothing new about eating a masala dosa, but this one at Aryaas is available all day, unlike its counterparts, which only serve dosas and South-Indian breakfast items during the day. Aryaas also has a selection of chaat items and a lot of their stuff is very reasonably priced. If you want to let off some steam (literally), try the Mysore masala dosa.
QR11. Al Muntazah (4441 9668).

Mini meals at Bharath Vasanta Bhavan
There is nothing mini about this meal. It’s as mega as a lunchtime indulgence gets. You’ll get a plate full of different vegetable curries, chapatis, rice and dessert, and don’t let the quantities fool you. By the time you are half way through the thali, you’ll realise that you can’t even finish it (unless you’re a bottomless pit). This is a great and absolutely delicious lunch option on a work day because the curries are always ready and they just serve them to you piping hot and super quick. It’s a perfect foodie pick-you-up.
QR14. Jaidah Flyover (4443 9955).

Quesadilla shawarma at Mr Shawarma
There’s a trick we’re letting out to make this your best order. Choose the spicy shawarma with a mix of the garlic and chef’s special sauce. All of this, toasted with cheddar cheese, and served piping hot, is the most calorific – and best – meal for under QR15.
It will fill your heart with glee.
QR14. All outlets.

Special fries at Ala Al Darb
Ala Al Darb is really, really cute. It’s a tiny spot that you can’t really sit in without getting claustrophobic and has a bus for a counter. So from the outside, it looks like there’s a bus parked behind the glass entrance doors. You don’t get that every day, right? Most of the items on its menu are reasonably priced and here’s a special mention for the special Ala Al Darb fries loaded with cheese and spice and all things nice. Your doctor will probably hate you for it. But they are delicious…
QR13. Abu Hamour (4444 2470).

Wada Pav at Roti & Boti
Let’s start with the good news – there’s valet parking. Ras Abu Aboud Street, over the years, has become so crowded that it’s impossible to even park on the side of the road and wait for your order in the car. This family Indian restaurant’s food is mid-range but its wada pav is only QR11 for two large portions. And they’re extremely tasty. Ask for extra sweet chutney and generously slap it on the potato. Satisfaction guaranteed.
QR11. Ras Abu Aboud (4477 4288).

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