Qatar: this embassy got an announcement to its people

Qatar: this embassy got an announcement to its people 

Government organisations in India cannot insist on submitting / linking Aadhar card for NRIs since they are not eligible for the card, clarifies Indian Embassy Doha.

Indian Embassy Doha on its Twitter page clarified that state government agencies or other organisations cannot insist on Aadhar for NRIs/PIOs/OCIs since they are not eligible for Aadhar enrolment as per Aadhar Act 2016. It also shared a circular regarding the same issued by the Government of India.

There has been lack of clarity among non resident Indians since many have been receiving mails and messages from government organisations back home, including banks, to submit or link aadhar card to avail services or schemes.

The embassy thus shared the circular on its twitter issued by the UIDAI, the Aadhar issuing authority in New Delhi. The circular clearly defines ‘resident’ as one who has resided in India for period amounting in all to 182 days or more preceding the date of application for enrollment. And since NRIs/PIOs/OCIs do not fit in to this description, they are not eligible for UIDAI.

Meanwhile the embassy also clarified that those residents who are already registered with Aadhar have nothing to worry about.

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