Qatar: good news to people living in Al Shahaniyah

Qatar: good news to people living in Al Shahaniyah

Fahes vehicle inspection centre in Al Shahaniyah opened yesterday receiving after the inauguration of visitors’ hall and traffic section. The opening came within the series of new “Fahes” centres, which the company established in multiple areas in the country.

Capt Khalifa Ahmed Al Dosari, Traffic Officer at the newly opened centre said that the centre starts from 7am remains open until 5pm. The motorists can get their vehicle technical inspections done while sitting in their cars.

The centre offers all services related to technical inspection like renewing road permits (Istimara), and vehicle insurance among others.

He also stressed that the centre is like the rest of Fahes centers in terms of offering a single window service system through the linkage with the General Directorate of Traffic.  This modern system allows the exchange of information between the centers and the General Directorate of Traffic to shorten the duration of the technical inspection.

The new centre includes high accuracy and centralisation of the data used, which prevents the manipulation or personal intervention of the technical inspection employee or other parties, so that the electronic reports issued are accurate and credible.

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