Qatar-Gulf crisis: Qatari politician warns of war

Qatar-Gulf crisis: Qatari politician warns of war

Ever since the crisis in Qatar broke, the world has been on tenterhooks about the possibility of regional militarisation.

Now, Qatar’s ambassador to Spain Mohammed bin Jaham Al Kuwari has warned that the current regional crisis will lead to the Gulf region’s militarisation. He has warned that should it happen, there would be dire consequences for the region and the world.

Al Kuwari urged the international community to take a firm stand on the issue and to prevent countries that have caused the crisis to continue their current policy. He said that what is currently happening to Qatar could happen to another Gulf state in the future.

“We’re facing an unprecedented crisis because of the severing of diplomatic relations with Qatar and the unilateral blockade imposed on the international laws,” he said, during a lecture at the Royal Institute for International and Strategic Studies in Madrid.

“It’s interesting to note that the countries that created the crisis and the siege did not discuss the issue in the GCC or in a prior dialogue between governments,” he added.

Al Kuwari said the harshness of the measures taken against Qatar did not respect the minimum human rights. He gave an example of this when the Qataris living in these countries were forced to return to their homeland within a maximum period of 14 days, which led to at least  13,000 people in the region being affected.

He described the behaviour of the countries that imposed the blockade as unacceptable and that they treat Qatar as an easy prey and an occupying state to respond to their demands.

The countries were also showing their arrogance and uncivilised nature by not resorting to negotiations.

On the accusation of Qatar supporting terrorism, he had this to say.

“We say with a loud voice that Qatar doesn’t support terrorism and the issue of terrorism is justified by some as a weapon against certain countries to stir differences” he said.

The ambassador said that Qatar operated an independent foreign policy and that blockading countries wanted to attack Qatar for its support for the Arab Spring.

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