Qatar-Gulf crisis: UAE made the worst anouncment

Qatar-Gulf crisis: UAE made the worst anouncment

In a surprise move this week, Qatar announced it would return its ambassador to Iran, nearly two years after recalling him out of solidarity with Saudi Arabia.

At the time, Saudi Arabia had executed a Shia cleric, prompting protestors to attack its missions in Iran. The nation quickly recalled its envoys, and many Gulf states followed suit.

The decision to return the ambassador comes despite demands by some Gulf states for Qatar to distance itself from Tehran, and has drawn the ire of UAE officials.

In a statement this week, Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the return of the ambassador comes amid “its aspiration to strengthen bilateral relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran in all fields.”

Iran has grown closer to Qatar during the Gulf dispute, allowing the nation to use its airspace and sending fresh food over the past few months.

‘Burning bridges’

In a series of tweets this week, the UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr. Anwar Gargash criticized Qatar’s decision as escalation of the Gulf dispute.

“The management of the crisis caused the burning of bridges, the squandering of sovereignty and the deepening of the Qatari crisis and undermined what remained of the mediator’s chances. The wisdom that we hoped for was completely absent.”

It’s been almost three months since Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt cut economic and diplomatic ties with Qatar. They’ve accused the country of financing terrorism, which it denies.

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