Qatar: huge discounts on early winter sales!

Qatar: huge discounts on early winter sales!

Shoppers can have a good time as with the beginning of winters, a number of lifestyle shops in Qatar have begun offering huge discounts as high as 50% on their unsold summer stock.

Huge discounts are applicable on apparels, watches, shoes and jewelry among many others.

A representative from a clothing store said that this time of the year attracts the highest discounts, these rebates warms up the market before the winter sales. He added that these rebates works as a catalyst in increasing the sales and helps in clearing the left out summer wear stock that will become obsolete next season if not sold now.
He added that that a reduction in footfall is witnessed and the sales have gone down by around 42-45 percent and the shop owners hope that these discounts would help kick off the falling sales.

A famous shoes showroom in Doha, offers a”Buy 2 get 1 free” discount on selected items, and saw extensive footfall on Friday, when the vast majority of its items have price tags in the range of QR99 and QR249.

Customers said that they found the stuff on sale quite reasonable and they are satisfied with the quality of the products at this price. They said that the winter collection is new and of good quality and that’s the reason they are considerably costlier that things on discount as cited in thepeninsulaqatar.

Even big brands have joined the trend. Customers buying branded items are satisfied and said that the rebates are encouraging.

Another franchise of a outstanding clothing brand in the city had markdown prices on a large number of its items, blouses were priced at QR30, ladies’ trousers for QR55, men’s pants for QR75, t-shirts for QR35 and a set of three boxers for QR65, while overcoats were in a range of QR275 and QR395.

The sports stores are additionally running discounts between 20 and 50 percents, the main reason behind the marked down deal is to clear out-dated things.

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