Qatar: Image showing new traffic fines is spreading on social media

Qatar: Image showing new traffic fines is spreading on social media

If you are even a little active on social media, you should have come across an image which lists out new traffic fines in the country.

Some versions of the image showed it being printed on official-looking paper along with signage of the Qatar Traffic Department.

However, you should not have reasons for undue worry because it has been confirmed as just another fake news.

Ealrier, Qatar Traffic Department themselves came out with an explanation on Twitter that the image was doctored and not true. It also asked the country’s residents to not believe such forwards.

The tweet in Arabic roughly translates to “We inform you that, what is currently being discussed in relation to new amendments to traffic violations is incorrect and one should call on the Directorate General of Traffic to obtain information through its official website or accounts in social networking sites.”

The image in question showed exorbitant fines being levied on common mistakes with the highest fine being QR10,000 and a month’s jail term (for jumping a red signal).

So the next time you read news that sounds unbelievable, there is a real chance that it indeed might be.

Image showing new traffic fines is fake: Qatar Traffic

The fake image showing the new traffic violations

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