Qatar: MoI issues instructions to residents

Qatar: MoI issues instructions to residents 

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has issued an advisory that provides instructions for safe camping during the winter.

The list includes a number of dos and don’ts that people need to keep in mind in order to have a safe and enjoyable camping experience.

To begin with, the advisory – which is available on the MoI’s Twitter account – says the distance between tents should not be less than 5m.

Lighting inside a camp should be safely installed and operated in order to avoid fire-related incidents, while campers also need to ensure that necessary safety equipment is kept in an easily accessible place. Such equipment may include a fire extinguisher (4kg), fire blankets and a first-aid kit.

The MoI further states that the “kitchen should be isolated from other tents and the gas stove needs to be placed away from the edges of the tent, generator and petroleum liquids”.

“All electrical connections shall be covered in plastic pipes and buried. Make sure that they conform to safety and security standards,” the advisory added.
Finally, the MoI stressed that the materials used to make tents should be fire-, heat- and salinity-resistant.

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