Qatar: new rule for some private schools next year

Qatar: new rule for some private schools next year

In the coming academic year, some private schools will be allowed to run two shifts to get more students.

This decision is especially related to community schools in Qatar.

This is a common practise in many countries in the world.

The two shifts (morning and evening) system will be implemented from the next academic year under certain conditions.

The most important condition is that fees for evening shift should be equal to or less than the morning shift fees, officials said.

It’s important to submit the schedule of the evening shift to the Ministry to ensure it’s compliance with the approved teaching days (minimum of 180 school days).

The system will be available only for primary, preparatory and secondary levels as no country applies this system to the kindergarten stage, the official added.

In addition, schools wishing to work on the two-time system will be required to register at least 80% of the students from the same community and apply for a license from the administration.

The school also need to match the curricula with the educational system in force in the country of origin.

The schools with a capacity of more than 50% of students for one shift will be eligible.

Schools teaching Indian and Pakistani curricula and schools of Tunisian, Egyptian and Filipino communities are currently considered for the two-shift system.

The schools must have at least 50% more teachers for the evening shift and the administration could be the same in both shifts.

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