Qatar: now you can report these problems to government via a mobile app!

Good news!

The Qatar General Electricity and Water (Kahramaa) has made it easier and more convenient for customers to report any interruption to their electricity or water utilities.

A new online service has been launched which can be accessed on smartphones through the Kahramaa app to make a complaint regarding electricity or water disruption.

On the Kahramaa app home screen, there is a special button to report interruption. All the customer needs to do is type in the electricity or water number, Qatar ID and phone number, click ‘report interruption’ and a request is sent to the electricity and water emergency department. If the customer needs to give any extra details with the report, there is an option for that in the online service.

The Kahramaa app has a number of other services which include viewing and paying bills, viewing a summary of the properties registered as the owner along with requesting online services for these properties, requesting certificates, sending meter readings, tracking the service request status (service delivery and building permits) and much more.

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