Qatar is offering something unique to passengers!

After the US government decided to ban all electronic devices of passengers travelling to the country, Qatar Airways was affected by the decision.

But now, Qatar Airways has announced a ‘unique’ solution to the US ban by offering its business class passengers a laptop loan service.

The complimentary laptops will be available from next week and can be collected from the Gate just before boarding. Customers will be able to download their work on to a USB before stepping on board to pick up where they left-off.

Qatar Airways will also offer a special service at the gate for all passengers, whereby any electronic items prohibited by the new ban will be collected and securely packaged. These will be tagged, loaded as check-in baggage and returned safely to the customer on arrival in the US.

Qatar Airways is providing one hour of free WiFi for all passengers and a special WiFi package of $5 to stay connected for the duration of the whole flight, according to an official statement.

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