Qatar: officials closes company selling these products

Qatar: officials closes company selling these products  

Ministry of Economy and Commerce has taken action against a company for selling counterfeit fire extinguishers of a global brand. During an inspection by the ministry officials it was found that the company display and sell counterfeit products in their outlet on Salwa Road.

Ministry ordered the closure of the outlet on Salwa Road and the company warehouse in Al Sailiya for one month.

The ministry inspectors found 2,749 fire extinguishers at the company’s headquarters and 2,256 at its store.

This came as part of the ministry’s inspection campaigns which are held to oversee the market and the trade activities in the country in aim to regulate prices, detect infringements and counterfeit goods and those non-conforming to the standard specifications.

The violation and closure of the company and its store for one month comes under Article 7 of Law No. 8 of 2008 which states “where a supplier displays any commodity for trading, he shall clearly indicate on the packaging or container the type, nature, ingredients and other information relating to the commodity in the manner specified in the executive bylaw hereof. Where the use of the commodity involves a certain risk, the consumer shall be clearly warned against such risk. The supplier shall be prohibited from describing, advertising or displaying the commodity in a manner that involves false or deceptive information.”

The administrative closure announcement will be published on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce.

The ministry said it will be firm against those negligent to the law on consumer protection and its executive regulations. The ministry added that it will intensify the inspection campaigns to control such practices and will refer all violators to regulation and ministerial decision to the concerned entities to take the needed procedures against them, all in aim to protect consumer rights.

The ministry urged all consumers to report violations by communicating with the Consumer Protection and Combating Commercial Fraud Department , which receives complaints, suggestions and inquiries through its communication channels.

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