Qatar officials launched a mobile app for workers

Qatar officials launched a mobile app for workers

In order to help construction workers make their lives in Qatar better,  the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) has launched a smartphone app.

The app is named ‘madad’ which means ‘help’ in both Arabic and Hindi.

The app includes the following features:

• Streamlined finance and remittance options
• Easy communication with family and friends
• Increased awareness of leisure and social activities
• Access to health and nutrition advice
• Access to SC’s work grievance hotline
• Participation in regular surveys
• Stores soft copies of personal documents, such as Qatar ID and passport
• Access to all key emergency telephone numbers
• Location maps of ATMs, parks and health centres

It also makes the connection between officials and worker fast and easy.

It helps to provide support for workers whenever and wherever they need it. It establishes direct communication with them.

The feedback given was critical and has led to the first version of an app that should enhance many aspects of their life in Qatar.

So tell us are you doing to download this app?

If you used it, then give us your opinons.


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