Qatar: people coming from this country will be examined

Qatar: people coming from this country will be examined


The Ministry of Public Health announced that it has taken all necessary precautions to cope with the emerging coronavirus, which has appeared in China and has spread to several countries.


The Ministry of Health confirmed that it is constantly monitoring the epidemiological situation of the emerging coronavirus, explaining that no cases have been recorded in the State of Qatar.


The National Committee for Epidemic Preparation in the Ministry of Public Health also held a meeting attended by representatives of the Committee from the Ministry of Public Health, the Hamad Medical Corporation and the Primary Health Care Foundation, in addition to representatives from Hamad International Airport and the medical services of Qatar Airways.


During the meeting, they discussed the latest developments regarding the disease, in addition to the mechanism of joint coordination between all parties and activating the necessary precautions to prevent the transmission of infection by travelers coming to the State of Qatar.


The committee issued precautionary recommendations that included raising the alert level of the system for monitoring and monitoring suspected cases at the local and global levels in coordination with the World Health Organization.


The Ministry of Public Health issued guidelines and national guidelines for dealing with cases of virus/corona with alerting all hospitals and government and private health facilities in the country to report any suspected respiratory infections, especially for travelers returning from countries where the disease is spread within a 14-day period of their arrival with Focusing on the importance of reporting cases that show symptoms of respiratory infections, as investigative teams make daily visits to hospitals to ensure that any of them conforms to the definition approved by the World Health Organization for suspected cases.


The National Committee for Epidemiology approved the application of thermal examination at Hamad International Airport to all travelers coming from China, while raising awareness among travelers about the symptoms of pneumonia, including high fever, cough and difficulty breathing.
The Ministry of Public Health advised avoiding unnecessary travel to the cities where the virus is currently circulating in China, as well as to avoid close contact with animals in affected areas and not to mix closely with people who show symptoms of respiratory infections, while constantly washing hands with soap and water.


It is noteworthy that the technical reports that dealt with the clinical and epidemiological features of the emerging virus indicate that it is similar to many coronaviruses that are transmitted from animal to human, as the severity of the disease ranges from mild to moderate symptoms in the majority of infected persons and symptoms and complications may develop in people with diseases Chronic and immune deficiency to acute respiratory infection with possible death.


It is reported that the rapid response team in the Ministry of Public Health operates around the clock and receives any communications or inquiries related to communicable diseases on the hotline numbers 66740948 or 66740951.

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