Qatar: Prices changed due to weather conditions

Qatar: Prices changed due to weather conditions 

Adverse weather conditions have taken a toll on local fish prices, with it going haywire due to limited availability of fishes, according to Gulf Times.

Bad weather conditions had affected fishing activities in waters around Qatar and that has directly resulted in a sharp rise in prices.

Veteran fishermen told Gulf Times that strong winds that lashed across the country’s coast seemed to have affected fishing using both baskets as well as nets.

“So strong were the winds that many baskets, placed mainly in zones known for heavy catches, suffered damage and it had a negative effect on activities,” said a fisherman.

Owing to heavy winds in the offshore areas, fishing using traditional nets too had an adverse effect, inquiries found.

In addition, a number of fishermen stayed away from the sea because of the holidays. Though some of the boats sailed out for fishing from late in the evening on Sunday, it would take at least two more days to know how good the conditions are.

The shortage has also resulted in higher prices for most of the varieties in demand in the local market. At retail outlets, king fish, hamour and subeidi have become dearer than a week ago.

On Monday, even the wholesale price of hamour exceeded QR70/kg and king fish too hit QR40/kg and above.

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