Qatar to ease corona restrictions starting today

Qatar to ease corona restrictions starting today


With the recovery cases in Qatar increased significantly during the past days, and the total of those recovering reached more than 37 thousand cases until today, Wednesday, in addition to using the precaution application that contributes to the protection of society, and the commitment of community members to wear masks when leaving the house, the Cabinet began today In easing some of the restrictions and measures announced earlier, in an important step that paves the way for coexistence with the epidemic and the return of life to normal, while adhering to all necessary precautions.

The Cabinet held the regular meeting via video communication technology, chaired by His Excellency Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, where he heard the explanation presented by His Excellency the Minister of Public Health on the latest developments and developments to reduce the spread of the Corona virus (Covid) – 19).

The Council affirmed the continuation of the measures taken and precautionary measures taken to combat this epidemic, and decided the following:

First – Amendment of its decision issued regarding determining working hours for workers in the private sector who are at their workplace to be between seven in the morning until eight in the evening.

Second – Amending his decision regarding exercising sports, to be practiced without the requirement that they be in the areas close to the residence area, and without requiring wearing masks, taking into account avoiding gatherings during exercise and taking the necessary precautions, from leaving the safe distance of not less than three meters.

Third – Amendment of its decision regarding obligating all citizens and residents upon exit and transfer not to have more than two people in the vehicle, so that the obligation is not to have more than four people in the vehicle, including the driver of the vehicle, and families are excluded from this when leaving and moving in vehicles.

Fourth – Continuing to work on deciding to reduce the number of people transported by buses to half the capacity of the bus, taking precautionary measures and measures.

Fifth – This decision will be enforced from Thursday 4/6/2020 until further notice.

** Apply global recommendations

The Ministry of Health has attributed the reason for the large increase in the number of people recovering to the application of the latest international recommendations regarding criteria for recovering from Covid-19 infection, which was approved by the Ministry of Public Health.

Hamad Medical Corporation also announced, at the end of last week, a new protocol to deal with patients infected with Corona virus (Covid-19) who are currently observed in the facilities of the institution, according to which the majority of patients infected with the virus will be removed from health care facilities 14 days after the date of obtaining them On the first positive smear of the virus.

The institution said that the new protocol includes following the instructions of the specialized medical team, including downloading and activating the “Ahtaz” application on mobile phones, and staying in the home quarantine without leaving the house for any reason for an additional week, noting that everyone who violates these conditions presents himself For penalties according to the Penal Code, the Prevention of Infectious Diseases, and the Community Protection Law.

The Foundation stated that many patients were staying in the hospital or isolation facilities for more than 14 days, before the adoption of the new protocol, where their exit required that the negative result of the BCR examination come twice before they were allowed to leave the health facility, adding that the new protocol It will enable patients to return to their homes and normalcy as quickly as possible.

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