Qatar took a decision against the blockading countries

Qatar took a decision against the blockading countries 

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) yesterday instructed all shops and commercial complexes in the country to remove products manufactured in the four blockading countries — Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

While the move was largely unexpected, it seems to have won approval from many of Qatar’s residents.

Malls and local department stores quickly replaced the removed products with those manufactured within the country, earning high praise from shoppers.

“There should be total boycott of products from blockading countries. We don’t need anything from them, thank God and our wise leadership, we’ve more than enough of goods,” Qatari shopper Abdulaziz Al Muhannadi told Qatar Tribune.

Shoppers pointed out that the MEC’s move is perfectly timed as they have ensured there is no shortage of anything despite the withdrawal of items from blockading countries and it sends a clear message to them that Qatar can meet the needs of its people on its own. The move is expected to further promote local products in Qatar.

Another shopper said the effort of the government and private sector since the start of siege is very much visible in the range of dairy products available in Qatar now.

“Unlike before, people are praising the diversity of products’ origins and are satisfied with competitive prices,” he said.

Others said that they are only consuming local products to encourage local manufacturers to produce more in order to help the country achieve self-sufficiency.

According to malls’ staff they had enough items in stock to make up for the items from blockading countries.

A branch manager of Al Meera stores said that they have almost replaced all the products made in or distributed by the blockading countries with local products.

“We’ve listed all the products that are to be removed and have replaced them with mainly local and Turkish products,” he pointed out.

Some people called for small shopkeepers, who may suffer the most from the direction, to be adequately compensated. Others also called for the removed items to be distributed in labour camps free of charge.

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