Qatar: Vacation plans go haywire

Qatar: Vacation plans go haywire 

Right now is a very tough time to be a Class X or XII student under India’s Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) system.

This is because the CBSE has decided to re-conduct examinations of Maths for Class X and Economics for Class XII after the question papers were allegedly leaked in India, reported Gulf Times.

“With a view to uphold the sanctity of Board Examinations and in the interest of fairness to the students, the Board has decided to re-conduct the examination,” said a CBSE statement.

But it has hit hard several students and parents who had made plans to fly out of the country following the end of exams.

Students’ travel as well as coaching plans have gone haywire. Syed Shoukath Ali, principal of Ideal Indian School, said that the dates for the fresh examinations and other details will be announced within a week.

“However, the concerned students and their parents are affected much. The class XII students had made all the arrangements for their travel back home. Now they’ve to reschedule. Many of the class X students also had made plans for a short break. Now, we’ll have to reschedule the opening date for the class XI,” he added.

Dr. Subhash B.Nair, Convener of Indian School Principals’ Forum and Principal of Shantiniketan Indian School, said it would also affect admissions to Class XI, the classes to which were supposed to commence in the coming month, reported The Peninsula.

The new classes will commence only after the re-examinations is done, since the students need to prepare themselves for the paper all over again.

The Class XII Economics examination was held on Monday and the Class X Maths examination on Wednesday.

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