Qatar: very important news to residents

Qatar: very important news to residents 

Dr Osama Al Homsi, a senior official from the oncology department at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) stated that the treatment of cancer at the department is free for all residents.

He said that earlier, government covered 80 per cent of the oncology treatment for resident patients and the rest 20 per cent was paid for by the cancer patient. However now, the remaining 20 per cent is also covered to provide free treatment to citizens and residents.

Dr Al Homsi  added that the treatment for tumours has been progressing continuously and HMC is keen to bring everything new in the treatment of tumors, especially with regard to drugs, like immunological drugs.

Hailing the decision of the state to provide the remaining 20 per cent cost for the treatment, Dr Al Homsi highlighted that providing treatment free of charge to all patients helped many, since 20 per cent of the amount can sometimes be large, because of the high price of cancer drugs.

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