Qatar: What will happen on June 21, 2018?

Qatar: What will happen on June 21, 2018?

If you are someone who always says you don’t have enough time in a day to get things done, then you should not be complaining tomorrow.

This is because June 21, Thursday, will be the longest day in the country this year, according to Qatar Calendar House.

This year’s summer solstice will occur on Thursday in Qatar and all other countries of the Northern Hemisphere. On the day, the sun will be perfectly perpendicular to the Tropic of Cancer at 1:15pm Doha time, reported Gulf Times.

This phenomenon is important all over the world as summer solstice describes the tilt of the earth’s axis and is also an indicator of climatic changes.

There are two reasons behind the occurrence of summer solstice including the earth’s rotation on its orbit around the sun every 365.25 days approximately and earth’s axis tilting over its orbit plane by 23.5º.

The summer solstice will be taking place after vernal equinox which started on March 20, according to Qatar Tribune.

The length of the spring has reached 93 days since its beginning on 20 March, while the length of the summer this year will be approximately 94 days until the beginning of autumn at the dawn of September 23.

The summer solstice on this day will occur on the northern hemisphere, while the situation will be reversed in the southern hemisphere where the winter solstice will occur on the same day.

On this day, for places located on the upper latitudes (47.5 and 66.55 N), the phenomenon of morning twilight (Twilight Dawn) will occur in the evening twilight (Twilight of Supper) in a phenomenon that is astronomically known as the Midnight Sun.

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