Qatar: You will not believe what happened to this expat!

Qatar: You will not believe what happened to this expat!

The solo event, Alone, A Run Around Qatar,concluded at Katara on Sunday with long-term resident Pierre Daniel finishing his 475km epic run.

He was met by family, friends and sponsors at the finishing line with everyone lauding this great feat. Daniel seeks to set an official world record of running across north to south of Qatar. The time 62-66 hrs is the current estimate of the final time and the record will be subject to ratification by official body over the coming weeks.

Daniel said:”I am thrilled to be done and see my family and friends but also can’t wait to tell more and more of the story over coming weeks to inspire others to their own potential and encourage them to go and see what I have seen.”

Supported by MBM Transport and with key partners Katara and Aspire, Daniel undertook the challenge for his love for adventure and the State of Qatar.

Over the last seven days Pierre has had less than 4.5 hours of sleep at times, with as little as 2 hours on most nights, and has burnt an estimated 48,000 calories, approximately 7,000 a day, almost 3 times the normal recommended amount for a man of his age.


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