Qatari court jailed 3 people and here is the reason

Qatari court jailed 3 people and here is the reason 

It may not be very common in Qatar, but there have been incidents where people reported tyres being stolen from vehicles parked outside their homes.

Three people, who used to regularly engage in such criminal activities, were recently apprehended by police and produced in court.

Taking note of the offence, the court ordered the three men to be jailed for a year each before deporting them back to their countries.

The Public Prosecution had referred the persons to the Court of First Instance on charges of theft at night.

The police initially received reports that an unknown person had stolen the tyres of a parked car in front of a citizen’s house. Six more such cases were later reported. However, finger print experts could do little to apprehend the culprits.

Investigations revealed that the culprits stole all five tyres of parked vehicles (including the spare) and later sold them.

Their modus operandi was that while one man watched the street for passers-by, the others removed the tyre quickly ad efficiently.

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