Qatari officials advise people to be aware

Qatari officials advise people to be aware

Qatar has been experiencing a heat wave in recent days, with Saturday being particularly bad with the mercury touching 48 degrees in Batna and Abu Samra, reported Gulf Times.

It was followed by Al Shahaniya, Karana, Jumayliyah and Ghuwairiyah at 47C, Turayna, Dukhan and Umm Bab at 46C, Abu Hamour and Shehaimiya at 45C, and Doha (airport) and the Qatar University area at 44C.

The Qatar Met department has advised people to avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

The minimum temperature ranged between 27 and 32, with Doha Airport the highest and Abu Samra the lowest.

According to Qatar Met Department, the weather today will be ‘hot during the day and dusty at places at times,’ reported The Peninsula.

The maximum temperature predicted by the department is above 40C at most places.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Health tweeted out a few tips on how to beat heat stress.

The Ministry has asked people to avoid tea, coffee, soft drinks and energy drinks and instead drink cool water frequently. It has also advised people to schedule more frequent breaks during work, eat light and eat right, wear light and loose clothing and keep your head covered outdoors.

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