Qatari Police got great news to motorists

Qatari Police got great news to motorists

Qatar’s traffic police had recently made its laws more stringent and began impounding vehicles with much more regularity.

However, one problem many people raised was that there were scratches on their cars (due to manhandling) by the time they got it back from the police station. Such complaints are set to end soon.

This is because for the first time, Qatar’s Traffic police have developed a new smart device that will be used to impound vehicles at the homes of their owners instead of police yards, according to Gulf Times.

‘Smart Impound’ will enable the police to track and locate the vehicle during house impound to ensure compliance with the specified duration of penalty.

Captain Riad Ahmed Mohamed explained more about the device during  a conference held at the General Directorate of Traffic.

“The device will be activated two hours after its installation in the vehicle from the police station. The details of the impound duration will be fed in. After activation, if the vehicle is moved, it will immediately be notified in the control room and appropriate action taken,” he told The Peninsula.

If the vehicle is moved before the finish of the impound duration, an SMS will immediately be sent to the owner of the impounded vehicle.

Legal measures will then be initiated against the violator. The owner will be notified once the impounding is over and the device deactivated.
“The new system would further guarantee the safety of the vehicle and avoid any potential mishandling during towing and parking for long periods, as the vehicle will be with its owner,” added Captain Riad.

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