“Qatari Share Website” is tricking people, a report says

Many fake companies around the world provide shares through the internet. This helps it to gain more money in a very fast way. Such thing doesn’t not need that much skill, but it needs someone who can lie, not more.



Many reports in Qatar mentioned that several Qataris called officials and informed them that there are many companies in the state that lie on people and trick them. One of these companies as mentioned by a journalistic report is known by the name of “Qatari Share Website”.

The company mentions on its twitter account that it’s the best company in the field of shares and money trading. Also it claims that it always do the best in order to make its clients satisfied. It also says that it’s the 1st site in Qatar in providing several services.

Many people, who dealt with the company, said as mentioned in the report that this company is a redress one which lies on people and promise them that they will make profits.

One of those people said many people lost money when dealing with company.

Also other advised people not to deal with this company, and they asked official to close the site and ban it inside the Qatar.

The report mentioned to that the company has no office inside Qatar, since you can only with it online. Which makes the idea of following its location hard somehow.