QMD warns of bad weather today

QMD warns of bad weather today 

QMD predicts Weather inshore until 6 p.m. Today will be slightly dusty to blowing dusty at places and partly cloudy to cloudy with chance of scattered rain, thundery at times, the Department of Qatar Meteorology said in its daily weather report, warning of expected strong wind at places/ thundery rain at times.

Wind inshore will be southeasterly to southwesterly 08 to 18/23 knot at places at times, shifted to northwesterly later. Offshore, it will be southeasterly to northeasterly 08 to 18 knot, reaching 32 knot at places during thundery rain, shifted to northwesterly 18 to 25 knot by night.

Visibility will be 04 to 08/03 kilometer or less at places.

Ocean state inshore will be two to four feet, ascends to five feet at places now and again, while seaward it will be three to five feet, ascends to nine feet at places amid thundery rain, coming to from five to eight feet


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