Be ready for the opening of Magical Festival Village soon in Qatar!

Good news!

Ezdan World Co is planning to launch its second season of Magical Festival Village with the support of the Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA), and in conjunction with the coming Tourism Festival.
The news season will include different types of activities, games, events and many other performances that visitors will totally love!

The total number of games and shows reached 200 this season, including several main attractions – space trip, royal horses, the gyroscope, and sky view, which contain 18 compartments that can accommodate 72 persons.

Many plays will be showed at the festivals such as Aladdin, Snow White and others.

Also there will be two international circus performances.

There will also be a fashion show.

Plus, virtual reality (VR) games will be launched over an area spanning 1,500sq m has been allocated for the Village’s VR games. These games are considered to be the 1st in the GCC area.
It’s noteworthy to mention that the first season opened up vast prospects to propel the village to fame as the first entertainment, shopping, and tourism project of such a huge size and significance in Qatar. The season made a great success.

There are expectations that any people from Qatar and the GCC countries.

Don’t miss it!

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