Remember to visit the Pearl this National Day!

Remember to visit the Pearl this National Day!

What’s in a name, you ask. But when it comes to The Pearl-Qatar, it means everything!

If you are living in Qatar or are passing through the country en route to another destination, your experience will not be complete without visiting The Pearl-Qatar at least once.

The development, simply put, is quite breathtaking. It is one of the most sought-after addresses in the entire nation and the only area where foreigners can directly invest in real estate.

Have you ever wondered why the property is called the Pearl-Qatar? It is because the artificial island, which is spread over 4 million square metres and completely reclaimed from the sea, is built on one of Qatar’s most famous pearl-diving sites. So really, what better name can one give to a property considered as Qatar’s modern pearl?

From air, the entire property resembles a huge oyster and the various developments resemble a string of pearls.
At the Pearl-Qatar, one can find multiple luxury shops, a marina where mammoth yachts are moored and a Venice-inspired community called Qanat Quartier.

If you are yet to visit The Pearl-Qatar, make it a point to do so this Qatar National Day. You will not be disappointed.

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