Ritz Carlton Gym: exercising mixed with quality time

You can relax and get some quality and have a view of the marina and the Pearl while exercising in the Ritz Carlton Gym that is found in Ritz Carlton Hotel, near the Lagoona Mall.

There you will be able to find a gym that is well equipped the thing that will help you to exercise professionally and get good results.

While excising, you will experience relaxation in a very calm and clean environment. For example, you can listen music or watch TV shows by using headphones that are provided by the gym.


Also there is an indoor swimming pool is a great addition to the fitness facilities, which will help you improve your skills and develop your body.

Plus there are indoor squash and tennis courts are a big plus too, so you can burn calories while playing some games with your friends.

If you want to take a shower, then its available with luxurious with hairdryers and various beauty products that are offered. All that with a relaxing atmosphere. Also you can enjoy a coffee or juice with friends and rest or read some of the available magazines.

You must know that there are group fitness classes, personal trainers on staff and spa services found there. While there is no ladies-only gym.

No outside personal trainers are allowed.

There are Zumba classes that are only available for ladies.

A parking is found.



The opening hours are: 5:30 till 13:00



Membership packages are available for a one-off joining fee and annual membership for singles, couples and families.



For more information: ritzcarlton.com/Doha

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