Samsung is preparing for a surprise in 2020!

Samsung is preparing for a surprise in 2020!


While there is controversy over the design of the rear cameras of the Galaxy S11, the upcoming Galaxy S11, there is still a question as to what the company will do with the best version in the next generation of its flagship smartphones (Galaxy S11 Plus) Galaxy S11 Plus.


Earlier this month, one of the most popular leaks on Samsung’s Ice Universe products said that the Galaxy S11 Plus would be different from the Galaxy S11 and could be a surprise for Samsung 2020.


What are the advantages?

Based on these leaks, some followers began to wonder about the advantages that will distinguish the (Galaxy S11 Plus) from the (Galaxy S11), whether it is cameras, screen, or front cameras, or will it be different in design.


With this controversy, some predicted that the Galaxy S11 Plus is a folding smartphone coming from the Korean company. Samsung is believed to have replicated what it did in 2014 when it launched the Galaxy Note Edge with a curved screen to test the market.The result was as expected to begin adopting curved screens in the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series.


Although the Galaxy Fold – the first foldable smartphone from Samsung, which was launched earlier this year – has encountered some difficulties, but Samsung is looking to sell 6 million foldable phones next year.


Because Samsung is relying heavily on folding smartphones to maintain the top spot in the smartphone market, it is rumored to be working on a number of designs for its future folding smartphones, including a design similar to the recently launched Motorola razr.


While some followers expect to distinguish Samsung models (Plus) Plus in the phones series (Galaxy S) and (Galaxy Note) by making it folding. However, all this is still only expectations that are not supported by any strong leaks or semi-official, especially since Samsung is working on the second generation of the phone (Galaxy Fold), and is scheduled to launch next year.

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