Scary video for a boy hanging with an electric cord

Scary video for a boy hanging with an electric cord


Local authorities in Indonesia have recognized the fact of a shocking video clip of a boy hanging with an electric cord at a height of 15 meters in the air.

Authorities said the boy, Nadine, was playing with his friends next to the high-voltage cables, on Thursday afternoon, in the Korog district of Tangerang, Banten city.

The head of the emergency and logistics services at the Tangerang Disaster Mitigation Agency told local media that the boy did not realize that the cables were in the process of being fixed, so he held one of them while he was still at a low height, then he was lifted up in the air and the boy rose with him, 15 meters above the ground.

The boy shouts: “Please, I don’t have a strong fist. I want to go down.”

Residents scrambled to find soft things to land on, such as mattresses. He eventually fell and was taken to hospital, where he was only slightly injured.

A spokesman for the Tangerang branch of the state-owned Electricity Company apologized for the accident and promised tougher supervision policies when the wires are installed in the future.