Several restaurants were closed for delivering food with bad conditions


The Ministry of Municipal and Environmental announced that it closed a number of restaurants on charges of selling expired, and unfit for human consumption, and that after doing an inspection on those stores to examine the food they deliver.


One of the restaurants that were closed is the “Al-Ragif Al-Sokhon” restaurant in Al-Wakir city. This restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in the area, where the municipality closed it for 10 on charges of producing non-conforming food.


The municipality also closed “AL-Ruwais Restaurant” in Al-Kash for 15 days, on charges of preparing food that is unfit for human consumption, while the “Al-Amadiyah” Cafeteria that is located industrial zone of Doha Municipality was closed too for 15 days on charges of preparing food in unhygienic conditions.


Before these closures, Qatar Company for food and services, which is located in the industrial zone, was closed partiality for 10 days, after the inspectors found insects within food that is provided to the public.


Doha Municipality also closed the «Wafi Gourmeya Shop Branch» partiality for a week, on charges of delivering expired food customers for which puts their lives at risk. It is noteworthy that Doha Municipality closed “Nice” restaurant in Em-Guelyah area for a week, on charges of preparing food in unhygienic conditions. In addition to that, the “Thuraya Bakeries” were closed for a week on charges of preparing food in unhygienic conditions too. Also the “Bukhari Restaurant” was closed for ten days on charges of insects that were found in the food that is delivered to people.