A simple trick will “expose” your posts on “Instagram” and “Facebook”!

A simple trick will “expose” your posts on “Instagram” and “Facebook”!

A new report has found a vulnerability in Instagram and Facebook that allows people who aren’t following you to see your own posts in a few simple steps.

The report from Buzzfeed explained how followers can share your private photos and videos, publicly. He also said that “hacking” requires a simple understanding of HTML (the standard markup language for documents designed for viewing in a web browser) using a browser.

All the user has to do is pull the source URL of the images on the page, and then share that URL with people who are not logged into the social network, or who are not followers of the user’s own account. This method also works on Instagram stories

URLs also reveal some basic information about publications, such as how the image or video is uploaded and its dimensions.

Tests were conducted to demonstrate that JPEGS and MP4 files and stories can be downloaded, and publicly shared depending on the vulnerability.

“The behavior described here is like taking a screenshot of a friend’s photo on Facebook and Instagram, and sharing it with other people,” said a Facebook spokesman. .

But Buzzfeed said that the URL method also allows images to be retrieved from Facebook, even if the posts were deleted. This would make it different from just taking a screenshot.

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