Soon you will travel without a passport!

Soon you will travel without a passport!

Soon you will be traveling without the need for a passport or paper.

Thanks to the initiative of the World Economic Forum.

A new traveling system is currently being tested. without a passport or additional papers and documents.

Registered travelers will be able to travel between Canada and the Netherlands using their mobile phones instead of a passport.

Where the identity data of passengers arriving at airports operating on this system will be stored on their mobile phones, rather than the passport.

While the relevant information will be sent to airlines, border authorities and others before passengers arrive at the airport.

The traveler will provide individual approval each time the data is sent, giving passengers more control over their personal data than the current passport system.

Using biometric technology such as fingerprints or facial images, travelers can enjoy easier, paperless traffic, transit stops, or access to aircraft or their destinations.

This program will continue throughout 2019 and the first digitally documented flight is expected in 2020.


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